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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Hello 2016

Happy New Year everyone!!! I'm actually proud to say that I had an alcohol-free New Year celebration. This is because whenever I get a little carried away with alcohol on NYE's countdown, I just end up completely disappointed the next day. I'll sleep until half the day is gone and wake up completely hungry, smelly from sweating too much in the club and also looking like a zombie from all the unwashed make-up on my face. 

So I decided to spend my New Year's Eve a little bit different. Instead of partying and drinking or getting caught up with assignments, Trevor and I decided to go watch fireworks together at midnight in city centre. 

On New Year's morning, we went for a little winter walk in the park. We could see families having a nice day out walking their dogs, children learning to ride their new bicycle they probably got for Christmas. It was a completely fresh feeling for me as I've never spent New Year's like this before. But that feeling of freshness and newness is the exact way I wanted to start the year. 

I feel like I don't have to recap my life in 2015 as I've already mentioned my highlights in my previous post. But as most of you know, 2015 has probably been the greatest year of my life and I really didn't want it to end. 

2016 is definitely going to be a whole new year for me. This is mainly because I don't know which country I'm going to end up in, whether I'll get accepted as a PHD student, whether I'll continue to work here?????? So many question marks for me and personally, I'm scared. Everything is going to change for me. I feel like some people sometimes know a little bit on how their year is actually going to turn out. For example, I knew that I was going to be an MBA graduate by the end of the year. But the journey of how I actually became an MBA graduate is another different thing. 

Right at this very moment, I have a few roads to choose from and whichever road I choose will lead me to a whole different life. 

But that's just the beauty of life. You don't know exactly where it is going to take you the next minute. You just live it. So, whatever 2016 has to offer, I can't say that I'm completely 100% ready for it, but I'll live it to the fullest - that's for sure. 

New Year's Resolutions are not really my kind of thing, to be honest. Because I always end up not doing it after April. Haha! I made a list last year and only managed to achieve one. But I understand why people do it. For me, resolutions are a reminder of goals you want to achieve throughout the year. 

I can only guarantee this. I will be updating my blog as much as I can. I can't believe I actually had almost 900 page views in December. AMAZING! Thank you all so much for taking the time and interest in reading my blog! Big hugs and kisses! 

So, here's to uncertainty, future, and LIFE!