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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Top 10 Highlights in 2015

I know it's still 4 more days to go till New Year's but I decided to write this post today because I don't think much will change in the next 4 days, unless I win the lottery or something, which is kind of impossible. Haha. So, I'd just like to share my highlights first with everyone :)

I honestly can't believe it's 4 days till a whole new year begins again. This year has gone by so quickly I honestly have no idea where it's gone. But if I had to sum up my 2015 in one word, that word HAS TO BE proud! 2015 has been the proudest year of my entire life!

Here are my top 10 highlights of the year IN ORDER :) 


I actually chopped off my hair after almost 3 whole years! I got my hair cut off back in September. September 22nd, precisely. Why do I remember this date, you ask? Because I had just submitted my MBA dissertation that very day and wanted to do something extreme. Hence, the dramatic hair cut! :D


I finally got to visit the Durham Lumiere a.k.a Durham Lights Festival. I wanted to go to this event every year but just never had the time. This year, even though it was pouring rain, my friends and I decided to go for it. It was worth it. And the Durham Cathedral (where some of the Harry Potter scenes were filmed) had the colours of Paris' flag in honour of the Paris attacks that week. All the lightings were so beautiful.


I moved into a completely new house with my boyfriend and 2 of his mates, which means, yes! I'm living with 3 local boys. My first year here, I lived in a house with 3 other girls from my hometown. My second year, I lived with 3 boys (1 was from my country and 2 were from Hong Kong). So as you can see, it still kind of felt like home to me because we were all Asians and that made me feel comfortable. My house now is completely different, in a good way and in a bad way (but more on that next time!). I'm really enjoying it so far :D


I got to participate in so many dance performances. For both the university and outside activities.

Chinese Fan Dance for Malaysian Night

Korean Dance for a Charity Night

Street Dance for Uni


I got to visit the London Stock Exchange with the University! Which was soooooo coool!

Had to dress really smart that day :)


I finally found time to visit the famous Betty's Tea Room in York with my boyfriend. The queue was unbelievable. Thank goodness we got there early.


I finally went all out for Christmas. Now, as much as I love Christmas, I feel like I can still top it in the coming years, so that is why I'm listing this as number 4 instead of number 1. I really had an amazing Christmas this year, as you can see from my previous posts :)


Let me just be completely honest, I never thought that me and my boyfriend could have lasted so long and I think no one thought that too. But we celebrated our first anniversary this year, which I am so proud of :D (p/s: Trevor, if you're reading this, our first anniversary just couldn't top my number 1 thing! Haha. Love you)


Birthday in DUBLIN with my boy! (probably a post about this trip soon) Everything was fantastic but I'm just going to show you my highlight in Dublin - Guinness Storehouse babyyyyyy! :D


The thing that I'm super proud of this year and probably my entire life, I am proud to call myself an MBA Graduate! Yes, I graduated in November. I was a little sad that my family couldn't be here but I have wonderful friends here who are like family to me and friends who support me throughout the whole course and a boyfriend who always encouraged me to keep going when I felt like giving up. So yes, this will be my best memory in 2015!

This year has been great for me. I hope 2015 has treated everyone great too. Now let's get ready to welcome a brand new year. 2016, here I come :)